Whence come these ethereal, incisive, retro-futuristic potions? Could they have been designed by some mad scientists a thousand moons away? A new Library of scents, ÆTHER is a chemical reaction that "fires" the imagination and heals hearts disappointed by too much bottled up conformity and by the realistic tropism of perfumery. A contemporary pharmacopoeia for adventurous souls in search of surprise, dazzle, as well as creation

ÆTHER is a tribute by its creators to synthetic molecules and the frenzy of chemistry. Olfactory Kamikaze, elementary molecules explode each of the perfumes into a singular abstraction, a beautiful stranger. The nose, which clings to no known ingredient is first caught by surprise and then submits to pure emotion: the discovery, the first day, the first time. If each molecule has a rather distinctive smell, who could guess exactly what the smell of the aldehyde C12 or ISO E Super® would be?



Sometimes a shimmering bubble and sometimes dazzling beauty, the molecule - this almost-nothing in infinity - is the sacred young muse of the collection. At ÆTHER, no flower-show or flight of lyricism around the historically traditional raw material; rather the evocation of metallic vegetation, unknown woods, imperceptible sounds, moments to come ... These scents of imperial fancy do not envy the wake of others, but prefer a luminous halo, a magical ring, an aura of humour and mystery.